LED Bulb Special Recycling Kit

11″ x 11″ x 48″

LampMaster’s LED Special Recycling Kits, hold up to 60 Pounds of LED Bulbs, CFL Bulbs, and/or Incandescent Bulbs.

Acceptable Materials:

  • All Sizes of CFLs
  • All Sizes of Incandescent Bulbs
  • All Sizes of LED Bulbs


Effective Waste Handling Process For LED, CFL, and Incandescent Recycling

Energy efficient LED light bulbs are starting to become more common in both residential and commercial settings. With this shift from incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs, it’s important that users know the proper way to dispose of them. By purchasing LampMaster’s LED Special Recycling Kit, you are ensured that your used LED light bulbs will be sent to and recycled properly by the certified facilities and professionals of LampMaster Recycling Services, Inc.

Fast! Easy! Convenient!

All of our recycling kits come with instructions, packing materials, and a prepaid return shipping label, making it simple to return your materials to one of our recycling centers.

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Materials we accept for this product

  • LED Bulbs
  • CFL Bulbs
  • Incandescent Bulbs

Useful information

Each Lampmaster Recycling Kit includes everything you need to recycle your lamps, batteries, or electronic waste. We will ship you a container with a prepaid return label. Fill the container and request a pickup from FedEx or set it out for your daily FedEx delivery driver. Once received, we will send you a Certificate of Recycling (COR) so you know your Universal Waste was handled and recycled responsibly. Continental U.S. use only. Not available in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Please understand that by purchasing this product you are agreeing to Our Terms and Conditions