Recycling Instructions

Prepaid recycling kits for lamps, batteries, ballasts and electronic equipment you use to manage your waste streams.

Using Lampmaster Recycling Services, Inc is an easy efficient way to recycle many used hazardous waste products found in the household and business waste streams.

If you have any immediate concerns or questions please call us at 1-877-526-7687


Order your prepaid recycling kits
Order Lampmaster Recycling Kits Here

Order – right container to fit your needs.

Lampmaster has recycling containers ranging from large bulb and ballast collection boxes to smaller retail and office boxes perfect for smaller solutions.

For information on the containers and what they can hold, simply click on the product for more details.

Click here to order recycling kits.


Fill each recycling kit
Follow our recycling instructions while filling your recycling kits

Fill – with used fluorescent bulbs, cfls, batteries, cell phones and non PCB-ballast.

Fill the boxes or pails at your leisure, anytime a bulb goes out or anytime you need to replace some batteries.

If you have a RED UNIVERSAL WASTE label attached to your kit. you do not need to print a shipping label.

If you do not have a RED UNIVERSAL WASTE label attached, Please call 1-877-526-7687.

Make sure your container does NOT exceed the weight limit. You will find the weight limit printed on your container.

Make Sure The Container Is Properly Sealed and Labeled.


Ship out your recycling kits
Ship Lampmaster recycling kits with little to no charge

Ship – Set your recycling container out with your other FedEx shipments to be picked up.

Follow the included instructions, or the instructions on your recycling box, to print out your FedEx label. Attach the FedEx label to your container and set out for FedEx to pick up.

Click here to request a recycling pickup.


Once processed, print your Certificate
Receive your recycling certificate from Lampmaster

Click – Your Certificate of Recycling will appear once we receive your kit at our EPA certified facility

View and print your recycling certificates here.