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Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Options

Fluorescent Lamps Recycling:

8ft Fluorescent Bulb Recycling Kit

4ft Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Containers

Lampmaster Recycling Kits

Our Lampmaster 4 ft Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Kit and Lampmaster 8 ft Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Kit are ideally designed for T8 (1″) or T12 (1.5″), 4-foot and 8-foot lamps, although they can be used for any size fluorescent lamp (length and diameter) that will fit in the boxes. By purchasing a Lampmaster Recycling Kit, you are ensuring that your used fluorescent bulbs will be disposed of by the trained team at Lampmaster. Our goal is to provide excellent products and service to our customers and create a positive environmental impact!

Shatter Proof Fluorescent Lamp Recycling:

8ft Fluorescent Bulb Recycling Kit

4ft Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Containers

If your used fluorescent lamps have a shatter proof lining or coating, the Lampmaster 4ft Shatter Shield or the 8ft Shatter Shield Recycling Kit is the recommended product. Lampmaster’s trained and certified staff know the necessary steps needed to responsibly recycle these lamps.

U Bend Lamp Recycling:

4ft Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Containers

These types of bulbs can come in many different sizes, but the bulb will always have a general “U” shape. Because of the components contained in these types of bulbs, it is important to recycle your used U-Bend bulbs responsibly. The U-Bend Lampmaster Recycling Kit provides an easy and efficient method for collection and disposal!

CFL Recycling Options

CFL Disposal or Compact Fluorescent Light Recycling:

U Bend Fluorescent Lamp Recycling

CFL Recycling Lamp Container

Pailmaster CFL Recycling Pail Kit

CFL bulbs are becoming more and more prevalent, replacing the common incandescent bulb. CFL’s have much greater life spans and can save energy, however they do require proper disposal. With Lampmaster’s CFL Recycling Kits, we offer multiple solutions to ensure your used CFL bulbs are recycled responsibly. The CFL Consumer Recycling Kit is great for residential use, while the CFL Special or CFL Commercial Recycling Kit are great products for business/commercial recycling!

Battery Recycling Options

Dry Cell Battery Recycling Options:

Commonly found Dry Cell batteries include AAA, AA, C, D, and 9-Volt alkaline batteries. Many of these batteries have to be replaced often, so their collection can pile up quickly. A safe and effective way to collect and recycle these batteries is with a Lampmaster Dry Cell Recycling Kit. We offer 3 different volume options for dry cell batteries, allowing for up to 69 lbs to be collected and sent to one of our certified facilities.

Mercury, Lithium, Button Cell Battery Recycling Options:

Are you trying to find a product to recycle old batteries from a cell phone, PDA, camcorder, digital camera, or laptop? The Lampmaster Mercury, Lithium, Button Cell Recycling Kit is a great product to collect these batteries and ensure they are safely disposed of. This recycling kit allows for up to 15 lbs of batteries to be sent to one of our certified facilities for disposal.

Lithium Button Cell Battery Recycling

Small Dry Cell Battery Recycling Kit

Dry Cell Battery Recycling Kit

2.5 Dry Cell Battery Recycling Kit

Additional E Waste Recycling Options

Lighting Ballast Recycling:

Are you in the middle of or just completed a home or office renovation? Replaced or obsolete lighting fixtures, like fluorescent light fixture components, can be collected using the Lampmaster 5 Gallon Ballast Recycling Kit. This product makes packaging and shipping these components to our certified facility an easy task!

Miscellaneous Electronic Waste Recycling Options:

Do you have old, broken, or obsolete electronic devices? There are raw components that can be recycled by the trained professionals of Lampmaster. With the Lampmaster E-Waste Recycling Kit you can collect and properly dispose of up to 69 lbs of electronics waste.

E-Waste Recycling Products Include:

  • Computers and Complete Hardrive Destruction
  • Computer Monitor Tubes
  • Fax Machines, Printers and Copiers
  • Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Old TV Disposal
  • Stereo/Audio Equipment
  • Phones (Including Cell Phones)
  • Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)
  • Game Consoles and Video Games
  • Electronics From Industrial Sources

We Can Recycle TV Sets and Offer These Appliance Recycling Solutions!

We Dispose and Recycle Electronic Waste Like This