Light Bulb Recycling Kit

Light Bulb Recycling Kit


LampMaster’s Light Bulb Recycling Mail-Back Kit for CFL, LED, HID/HPS/Metal Halide, and Incandescent Bulbs

Includes everything for one upfront price —

  • Recycling at a Cleanlites Recycling Center
  • UN-specified container with EPA/DOT required labeling
  • Detailed packaging instructions
  • Roundtrip shipping
  • Certificate of Recycling

There’s a LampMaster Mail-Back Recycling Kit for Light Bulbs of all shapes and sizes:


Product Description

Cost Effective and Safe Lamp Recycling with LampMaster’s Mixed Light Bulb Recycling Kit

Energy efficient LED light bulbs are becoming more common in both residential and commercial settings. With this shift from CFL bulbs to LED bulbs, it’s important that users know the proper way to dispose of the old bulbs while replacing them with the new. While it is recommended for households to dispose of CFL bulbs properly, recycling is required for many businesses as part of the EPA Universal Waste recycling regulations. The LampMaster Mixed Light Bulb Recycling Kit is the perfect solution for CFL bulbs, along with incandescent light bulbs, defective LED bulbs, or even high pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs. Recycling your bulbs rather than throwing them in a dumpster or trash compactor prevents the deposit of mercury and phosphor into our communities’ landfills. These are chemicals that have the potential to contaminate our water supply. Another benefit to recycling light bulbs is the ability to reuse the glass, tin, copper, tungsten, and others, saving on energy needed to process them from raw materials.

With the LampMaster Light Bulb Recycling Kit, you ensure that your used bulbs are sent to one of our Cleanlites Recycling Inc, certified facilities and recycled properly.

Fast! Easy! Convenient!

All of our recycling kits come with instructions, packing materials, and a prepaid return shipping label. This makes it simple to return your materials to one of our recycling centers.

The EPA allows collection of Universal Waste for up to one year. So even if you don’t have enough to fill your kit, you can hold on to it and continue to collect for up to a year after your initial collection date.

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