Our Refund and Return Policy

LampMaster Mail-Back Recycling strives to provide each customer with exceptional service and products.

If you order a package and within 30 days decide you no longer need it, we will issue a refund totaling your cost minus 20% to cover outgoing shipping. If your package or container is damaged or deficient upon arrival, please notify us immediately and we will send a replacement at no charge. If you have any questions about our return policy please call us at 888-470-4835

  • 30 Day Return Policy for Damaged Products at No Cost
  • For other claims, a refund will be issued minus 20% of the original cost to cover the shipping
  • Damaged items replaced at no cost
  • Call 888-470-4835 with questions

Please allow 10-13 business days for returns claims to be processed.

If you purchased our products through a third party retailer, please process your claims through them, we do not issue refunds for products purchased through third party retailers.