Electronics Recycling Solutions

Lampmaster offers comprehensive recycling solutions for old e waste. Our convenient boxes help you to collect cell phones, tablets, keyboards, or anything else you can think of that is electronic waste.

By letting our qualified team handle your E-Waste, you’re enabling reusable materials to re-enter the manufacturing stream while cutting down on landfill product! By recycling old consumer electronics, you are also allowing the amount of required virgin product to be reduced during new manufacturing.

See our Lampmaster Recycling Services, Inc E-Waste Recycling Kit for more info!

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Oftentimes electronics recyclers will offer money for obsolete electronics. What they do not tell their customers is that most of the time these electronics are being sold downstream to questionable markets. Many times this e waste ends up in landfills in developing nations, causing serious pollution and health risks. Lampmaster recycles e waste compliantly and completely.

  • Computer Recycling
  • Computer Monitor Disposal
  • Fax Machines and other Copiers
  • TV Recycling
  • Stereo/Audio Equipment
  • Cell Phone Disposal (including cell phones)
  • Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)
  • Game Consoles Recycling
  • Electronics from Industrial Sources

We Dispose and Recycle Electronic Waste Like This