LampMaster Recycling Kits
Hassle-free mail-back solution for recycling Universal Waste

LampMaster is an easy to use solution for the proper disposal and recycling of many types of universal waste.

Use our LampMaster kits for recycling:

Fluorescent Lamps
Metal Halide Lamps
Electronic Waste
Tritium Exit Signs

Each prepaid kit includes a container that meets all US DOT, EPA and FedEx requirements. Each container is labeled per EPA requirements for collection for up to one year. ONE price includes delivery of the empty container to your facility, return of the the full container via FedEx Ground to our licensed facility, processing and recycling of the waste material, and a certificate of recycling. So it’s as simple as ordering your kits online or by phone, fill it with your materials, and return using the already attached FedEx shipping label.

Container cannot exceed 69 lbs. If weight is exceeded, additional handling and transportation charges will be billed to you.

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