8FT Recycling Fluorescent Tubes Box

8ft Shatter Shield Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Kit


Product Description

Our 8ft Lampmaster Shatter Shield Lamp Recycling Kit holds 25-T12 or 50-T8 Shatterproof Fluorescent Lamps

Dimensions: 7″ x 7″ x 96″

The Lampmaster 8 ft Shatter Shield Recycling Kit is a consumer proven, simplified, and certified way to make sure you are staying in compliance with EPA universal waste regulations. You have cut your energy costs by using Fluorescent Light Bulbs, its important the cycle be completed by responsibly disposing of your used light bulbs. When your registered Shatter Shield Recycling Kit is received by one of our certified facilities, you know that the material will be handled by the trained professionals of Lampmaster Recycling Services, Inc.

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Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Made Easy

By using the Lampmaster Recycling Services, Inc 8 ft Shatter Shield Recycling Kit; the collection, packaging, and safe shipping of your used shatter proof fluorescent bulbs becomes a worry free process! After ordering your Shatter Shield Fluorescent Light Bulb Recycling Kit, you are taking a positive action to ensure compliance with your local, state, and federal recycling regulations. After your purchase, Lampmaster Recycling Services, Inc ships your recycling kit to you, including packing instructions and a prepaid return shipping label; making the fluorescent bulb disposal process a simple one!

  • Holds either 25 T12 Shatter Proof Fluorescent Bulbs (1.5” Diameter)
  • OR
  • 50 T8 Shatter Proof Fluorescent lamps (1” Diameter)

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Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 38 x 16 x 2 in