Lamp & Bulb Recycling

We Recycle All Fluorescent, Incandescent, LED, or Other Lights

CFL Lampmaster Recycling Kit

Did you know that businesses are required by law to recycle their spent fluorescent bulbs? Thats because each bulb contains trace amounts of mercury which pollutes the environment if landfilled.

On top of accepting these bulbs, Lampmaster recycles them responsibly and sustainably. Make the right choice and recycle your fluorescent bulbs.

The Following is a List of Bulbs We Accept

If you have questions about a specific bulb please contact us

  • Straight Fluorescent lamps and bulbs (all lengths and widths)
  • Compact Fluorescent Lamps and Bulbs (CFL Lamps)
  • LED Lights (All Kinds)
  • HID Lamps (High Pressure Sodium, Bi-Metal, High Intensity, Metal Halide, Biax)
  • Lighting Fixtures and Systems
  • UV Lamps
  • Neon Lights
  • Incandescent Lamps
  • Flood Lamps
  • Shattershield or Coated Lamps (all sizes)
  • Halogen

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