Toner and Ink Recycling

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How Does It Work?

Each LampMaster Recycling Kit includes everything you need to recycle your lamps, batteries, or electronic waste. We will ship you a container with a prepaid return label. Fill and pack the container and follow the included return instructions. Once received, we will send you a Certificate of Recycling so you know your Universal Waste was handled and recycled responsibly. Continental U.S. use only. Not available in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Cost Effective and Safe Toner and Ink Cartridge Recycling

Most homes and businesses use many types of printers with ink and toner cartridges that need to be disposed of carefully. Let us handle them for you. Unlike many of our recycling kits, there is no need to use specially made boxes for returning toner or ink so you can use any box you have and we will send you a label. You can ship them out the same day you place your order.

Fast! Easy! Convenient!

Use your own box, order a label, and ship out the same day. It is very simple to return your materials to one of our recycling centers.

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