tips for electronics recycling

3 Tips for Electronics Recycling

Did you know that over 34 million tons of electronic waste (e-waste) are thrown away each year? This is a major environmental blow, given the high amount of toxic materials and heavy metals these items contain.

A large portion of the e-waste that takes up landfills comes from businesses. Businesses update their technology frequently, which sends a lot of old equipment into the trash. This is remarkably unsafe for the environment, and it is becoming increasingly illegal due to increased efforts to fight global warming.

Electronic recycling is a much more environmentally friendly approach to getting rid of e-waste. And it is really quite a simple process. Here are a few tips for e-waste recycling.

1. Try Selling Or Donating Electronics

If your electronics still work, why let them go to waste? Craigslist or eBay are excellent options for selling old electronics that others can put to use. Buyers will benefit and you will make some money.

You can also donate your old electronics. Simply seek out local charities or nonprofits that can take these items and give them to people or families who really need them. You can also donate through programs such as Digitunity or the World Computer Exchange.

It’s hard to do schoolwork or even apply for a job without computer access, but not all people can afford it. Not only will your donation help the environment, but it will fill a huge need in other people’s lives.

2. Purchase Necessary And Reliable Equipment

One way to lower your amount of e-waste is to make wise purchases with electronics. Purchase long-lasting equipment that is specifically going to fit the needs of your production process.

And if you come across any technical issues, don’t immediately take the replacement route. Many devices can be easily repaired, and the cost is often much lower than the replacement cost. Save the environment and save money with wise electronic purchases.

3. Contact An Electronic Recycling Company

If you want to recycle your e-waste, it may be better to bring in some professionals for the job. There are a variety of mistakes people can make when they don’t dispose of e-waste properly. Using the wrong containers, failing to delete data properly, and many other things can do more harm than good for the environment and for you.

Using a recycling company with experts on recycling and sustainability can prevent these serious issues from happening. A recycling company can send you proper shipping containers for you to send back with your items, so that you can be assured it ends up in the right place. They can also delete data in a secure way.

Tempting as it is to take e-waste disposal into your own hands, you’re much better off letting the experts take care of it for you.

Recycle Your E-Waste With Lampmaster

Does your business need help to dispose of equipment that is obsolete or broken beyond repair? Lampmaster Mailback Recycling is here to help.

We offer electronic recycling kits for lamps, batteries, and various other electronics. Simply order your kit, pack your e-waste, and send it back to us via FedEx with the prepaid return label. We take care of the rest.

Let us help you responsibly dispose of your e-waste today.


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