laptop battery recycilng

That first welcome screen on a fresh laptop. Is there ever a moment of more potential and excitement in a new piece of technology than that? Trading in or upgrading your technology puts a whole refresh on your laptop use. Uploading our information to a new piece of equipment. After you migrate your files, you

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Everything has a battery. Phones, watches, cameras, even suitcases all seem to come with something removable. So what do you do with these batteries once they’re dead? Throwing them away is wasteful and bad for the environment but often they can’t be tossed in with your regular recycling. Keep reading to learn how battery recycling

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proper battery disposal 2020

Did you know that batteries have been around for over 200 years? That’s right—they were first invented by Alessandra Volta, an Italian physicist, in 1800. While they worked, however, they had one drawback—they corroded easily. As a result, they didn’t last long. It wasn’t until 1980 that John Goodenough invented the modern lithium-ion battery. Nowadays, we use them for a

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