5 environmentally friendly business practices

5 Environmentally-Friendly Business Practices You Should Prioritize in 2021

Humans are destroying the planet. It started out slowly, but as the world’s population has grown, so has our destruction. Between using up limited fossil fuels, sending greenhouse gases into the environment, and creating unfathomable waste, we’re on a bad path.

However, all is not lost. Though it may seem insignificant to some, every action taken by a person, household, or business makes a difference. That’s why owning an environmentally-friendly business in today’s age is so vastly important. By taking responsibility for your company and your employees, you can have a positive effect on the environment.

Not sure where to get started? We can provide a little help. Keep reading for five environmentally-friendly business practices to incorporate in 2021.

1. No More Disposable Plastics

One of the worst plagues affecting our planet is the over-abundance of plastics. Humans produce over 300 million tons of plastic each year. Half of these are single-use plastics like straws, containers, utensils, cups, etc.

To combat this issue, convert to bio-degradable items around the office. Alternatively, you can invest in reusable products that employees wash after use.

2. Minimize Paper Usage

Another problem facing the planet is deforestation. Over 200,000 acres of the rain forest is being destroyed every day. Some of this is to make room for farmland (to grow crops to feed livestock) while some of it is for wood and paper products. More info here.

Reduce your companies impact by going as paperless as possible. Use cloud storage and networks to stay connected with your employees. Avoid printing physical documents whenever possible.

3. Use Eco-Friendly LED Lights

LED lights are incredibly efficient. They last much longer than traditional light bulbs and use way less energy. However, you can step up this environmentally-friendly business practice by ordering mail-back LED lights.

These lights come in a box designed to be shopped back to the company. When the bulbs burn out, you can send them back to be recycled responsibly.

4. Buy Recycled Products

If you must use paper products, plastics, and other things that are harmful to the environment, buy recycled products only. This can help reduce the amount of waste you’re creating and contributing to.

Almost all products can be made from recyclables. For example, some companies even make clothes and backpacks from recycled plastic bottles.

5. Encourage Employees to Recycle All Waste

Finally, to maximize your environmentally-friendly business, make sure all of your employees are on board. Talk to them about the importance of recycling and the different types of recycling solutions. Encourage them to be less wasteful at home, as well.

Furthermore, reward employees for participating in things like recycling, car-pooling, and other sustainable business practices.

Do You Want an Environmentally-Friendly Business?

Creating an environmentally-friendly business doesn’t have to take place overnight. In fact, it’s often easier and more affordable if you make changes over time. This will give your employees time to adjust and embrace your new methods.

If you’re looking for more advice on green business practices, check out some of our other articles before you go. And feel free to stop by our store so look into our recycle kits for office supplies like lights, batteries, and more.


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