positive impacts of computer recycling

Change Starts With You: The Positive Environmental Impacts of Computer Recycling

Once they die, electronics do produce their own waste. “E-waste” products are, or can be, toxic waste products. When you throw them away with your trash, you are somewhat responsible for toxic waste ending up in landfills.

The United Nations has its eye on the growing abundance of e-waste. In 2017 the UN issued a press release, detailing that there was an 8% increase in e-waste from 2014 to 2016. By 2016, only 20% of e-waste was recycled.

While the responsibility of maintaining a healthy natural environment lies with larger corporations, change can start from individual actions. By beginning computer recycling in your home, you could be working to change this.

Help Keep Toxic Waste Out of Landfills

80% of e-waste is going into landfills. This means toxic substances like mercury, chromium, lead, and more are released into the environment. E-waste can also be chemically flammable. However, there are ways to safely dispose of substances like mercury when you recycle computer parts.

Computer recycling isn’t so difficult. In the United States, 26 states have mandated recycling electronic products as a way to cut back on potentially toxic waste in landfills.

Refurbish Computer Parts

When you recycle computer parts, you can refurbish certain materials. Making less new glass, plastic, and other materials means less waste later on.

Less production is a benefit. Avoid polluting the environment with needless old glass and plastics by computer recycling.

Advocate for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

The EPR model is one that gives manufacturers incentives to build products that last longer. If manufacturers follow EPR guidelines, they are rewarded, as well as consumers.

Consumers can take part in this too by shopping at companies and manufacturers who use the EPR model when building their products. The positive environmental impact will follow for years to come.

Help Create New Jobs for Computer Recycling

New jobs in the recycling industry emerge once you commit to recycling your old computer and electronics. These jobs often remain local to the area as processing plants for e-waste recycling pop up.

The world needs more green job creation. Not only are more jobs provided to the local community, but it also ensures that safe recycling measures are taken and followed.

Keep the E-Waste Out of Other Countries

The globalized world extends even to waste practices. Wealthier countries like the United States tend to send their trash and waste to developing countries. This is an exploitation of cheap labor and unethical disposing practices.

When you recycle your e-waste, you help exploit waste workers in other countries. Make sure your waste doesn’t end up there. Every little bit counts.

Commit to Computer Recycling Today

There are many positive environmental impacts of computer recycling. You help contribute to your local community and economy, refurbish computer parts to be used again, and stop the unnecessary production of new computers.

Check out how you can recycle your laptop battery to avoid putting harmful substances into landfills. Take a peek at the rest of our blog to reach your full e-recycling potential. Let’s save our planet one action at a time!


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